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Our ‘Parents as Couples’ workshops are designed to help couples with young children and those preparing for parenthood tackle common relationship challenges.

Having children creates a massive change in your lives, as individuals and as a couple. It brings great joys but also new challenges. Just when the need to talk and support each other and adapt and grow your relationship is at its peak, you have less time and energy to do so. Many couples who come for counselling identify the roots of their current challenges extend back to the time they had children. They never prioritised their relationship as the foundation upon which to build a happy family life and problems festered. It’s not surprising – so many classes and support groups focus on the practicalities of childbirth, the early months or parenting.

Talking Room’s workshops offer support to couples who want to take a proactive approach to strengthening and developing their relationship and avoiding or dealing more effectively with the common pitfalls parenthood can bring. 

Workshops are conducted in groups of individuals and couples and are interactive, informative and straight-talking. Themes include:

  • Agreeing who does what                                                
  • Agreeing a parenting style
  • Giving up or changing your work                                    
  • Adapting your social life and hobbies
  • Tackling your parents and in-laws as grand-parents        
  • Taking on new financial responsibilities
  • Coping with the physical impact of children and giving birth on your sex life

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